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According to Learn G2, 84% of sales reps achieve their quotas when their company has a solid sales enablement program. Here are various types of content I write for sales teams.

Cold Email Templates – Spark profitable conversations. Get right to the point with concise, targeted emails. Your rep simply decides which template best fits the situation, customizes it, and hits “send.”

Follow-Up Email Templates – What do you do when your prospect doesn’t respond? Send a follow-up email focusing on an immediate need or chronic pain. Then propose a logical next step that’s practically impossible to refuse.

Battlecards/Selling Guides/Playbooks – A practical, actionable guide filled with copy lines, ideas, and scripts for a variety of situations. Includes elevator pitches, features and benefits, replies to questions and objections, how to overcome competitive advantages, and more. 

Call Scripts/Sales Call Tracks – Go with the flow of the conversation while steering prospects toward your goal. Versatile call scripts contain multiple conversation pathways, striking openings, and motivational closings. Easily tweaked to any voice and style.

Sell Sheets – See critical information at a glance. Well-organized and visually appealing, a sell sheet clearly summarizes features and benefits. Often includes at least one testimonial.

Sales Decks/Proposals – Close deals with a customized slide presentation or formal proposal. Highlight details, features, and outcomes. Show prospects that you understand their challenges and problems, then captivate them with a solution story.

Case Studies – Prove that you deliver on your promises. Win over skeptical prospects with customer success stories. Effective in sales trainings, meetings, proposals, emails and more. (Visit my case study page here.)

Help your sales team sell more.

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