Avoid Project Missteps

Every successful writing project begins with a plan. Here’s a simple process that will help us get the results you want.

Step 1. I’ll send you a brief so I can get details about your project such as keywords, word count, etc.

The brief defines the scope of the project, keeps us on the same page, and reduces surprises.

Not familiar with a brief? We can work on it together.

Step 2. Once you return your brief to me, I’ll review your answers and prepare a short project proposal.

We’ll schedule a call to discuss it and any other instructions you may have.

Step 3. I’ll send you a project agreement which includes the amount of your investment, payment terms, and project deadlines.

If you already have a project agreement, we can use it and make any necessary modifications.

Step 4. I’ll study your website, your target audience, and all materials you provide.

If I’m writing a blog post for you, I’ll analyze the top-ranking posts for your primary keyword.

Step 5. I’ll write a draft and send it to you.

Step 6. You’ll review my draft and send me your suggested changes.

Step 7. When all revisions are done, I’ll send you the final draft for your approval.

Once you’ve signed off on the project, it’s ready for publication.

Ready to begin a new writing project? I offer a free 30-minute consult call. Email me today.

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