How to Write Captivating Cold Email Subject Lines

Deflating, isn’t it? You spend hours crafting cold email subject lines. Wrack your brain. Write tons of variations. Yet despite all that hard work, your open rates are dismal. So of course, you can’t stop wondering… Is there anything else I can do to entice my prospect to click? Well,

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4 Pillars of Sales Battlecards That Win Deals

When done right, sales battlecards are an invaluable resource. Good battlecards move sales conversations forward. Differentiate your business from the competition. And create consistent messaging across sales and marketing. In fact, 71% of businesses that use battlecards say they increase their win rates. Unfortunately, many companies still struggle to create

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Follow-Up Emails: 3 Easy Ways To Boost Response Rates

Why do salespeople avoid sending follow-up emails? They’re a critical part of any cold email campaign. While sending multiple messages results in the best overall response rate, sending just one follow-up can increase replies by 65.8%. Yet writing convincing ones can be tricky. You don’t want to annoy your prospect.

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