Did you ever slap your forehead and think oh, if I only knew about this years ago?

Then you know how I feel about copywriting. But once I found out about it, I was hooked.

Before I knew it, I was learning from top writers, earning certifications in niches like content marketing and sales enablement.

I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words. And, in one form or another, I’ve always been a scribe.

I worked for years as a freelance court reporter, creating word-for-word transcripts of legal proceedings. In the evenings, I earned my bachelor’s degree in English.

My day job demanded meeting deadlines. Attention to detail. And a lot of focused listening.
Good listening is the cornerstone of problem-solving. That’s why I take a ‘listen first’ approach to my writing.

I don’t write a word until I’ve dug deeply into your product or service, uncovering the golden nuggets that make your content shine.

And I don’t stop digging until I figure out how to get your prospect to say, “Yes!”

So if you’re looking for writing based on solid research, we just might be a great fit.

Interested in working with a skilled sales writer who meets deadlines? Then let’s chat. You can contact me here. I’d love to hear all about your content goals.

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